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Toddlers and Screen Time

Jun 6, 2012 11:17:46 PM

Are we letting our toddlers watch too much TV and play too many video/phone games? 

When you have screaming toddlers running around the house it sometimes is the easy route to give them something to entertain themselves with and lately toys and dolls really don't do the trick. So we hand them our iPhones or iPads and ask them to play a game AND watch a TV show on it. But how much screen time is too much? 

"The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under the age of five should have less than two hours of screen time (including TV, DVD and computer/video games) a day." Howerver, most parents allow their children much more than two hours a day - "66% of preschoolers exceed the daily limit. Studies show that "too much TV viewing in young children has been associated with developmental delays, aggressive behavior, decreased academic performance and obesity."

We are all guilty of passing our iPhones to our little ones in order to get them to settle down while at a doctor's appointment but how often do we do this? Should we begin to limit our toddler's 'screen time'? Do you limit your child?


Article based on - "How much screen time is too much for Tots?"

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Summer Fun

May 28, 2012 11:22:03 PM

Summer is officially here and I wanted to dedicate this week blog post to creating a list of some fun summer activities to do with you little ones. Below is a list from my own experiences, blogs and articles. Enjoy!

1. Biking and Trail walking: This activity I call a nature adventure in one afternoon. Make some PBJ sandwiches and go out biking to a trail and start exploring around the trail/woods. Teach your little ones about plants, animals, and insects. I used to love these activities as a young child and can't wait to start planning these adventures with my kids.

2. Water, water and more water: Go out for a swim at a nearby pool, lake or beach. Everyone in the family will enjoy fun water games such as Marco Polo and water volleyball.

3. Catch Fireflies: After dinner, my family would always go outside with a big glass jar and would catch fireflies. Whoever catches more fireflies can win a special treat. 

4. SlipNSlide,  water bed or sprinkler: This is great fun for older kids who love adventure. These are fun ways to beat the summer heat and have some great outdoor activities for the kids. 

5. Attend State Fairs and Carnivals: Go to any state fairs, carnivals or events in your nearby town. This always gets kids excited and there always great treats such as sundaes, hot dogs ect.

6. Make homemade ice cream: I have never been able to master this but if you have a great recipe, go ahead and try it on a hot summer day with your kids.

7. Fishing: If you have a nearby lake, why not take the kids to try to fish. If you catch no fish you can always teach them to skip stones.

8. Backyard games: Red Light, Green light was always my favorite game and there are ton of fun backyard games you can play with the whole family. 

Hope you liked some of these fun activities and enjoy your summer!

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As the weather gets warmer and people are starting to wear sandal and dresses now I finally feel summer is just around the corner. I have always loved summer and have always looked forward to it: the beach, the sun, wearing shorts!  But now five months pregnant, my summer might be a just a tad different. I have read a lot about staying safe and comfortable under the summer heat and I wanted to share five tips to survive summer while pregnant.

1. Keep yourself dehydrated: As you sweat more and more during the summer you need to regain all that water you have lost and drinking tons of liquids will help you do just that. I have really enjoyed drinking flavored sparkling water - keeps me refreshed and tastes amazing!

2. Heat will cause you to swell up: Ankles, feet, hands and body will all swell up during these months of heat. Many pregnant woman increase their shoe size due to swelling but trying to keep your feet up will help the swelling go down. Also eating foods that are natural diuretics such as watermelon, celery, onion, eggplant, asparagus and artichoke are a great way to help with the bloating and swelling.

3. Choosing comfortable clothes: During these hot months, you will begin to sweat and sweat and with a big belly it can get uncomfortable. Wearing comfortable clothes such as dresses, shorts, loose shirts will help the sweat evaporate and avoid any rashes. 

4. Pool Time: In the extreme heat of summer taking a dip in the pool or even a kiddy pool  it will help to lower your body temperature and will ease any stress on your organs. Plus it can be a great workout!

5. Wearing sunscreen: Pregnancy increases the ability to get dark spots caused by sun exposure and only sunscreen will help avoid any dark spots. Apply sunscreen every morning before heading out and if you are going to the beach or a quick stroll, reapply the sunscreen!


Tip Information from The Bump

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A Bionee Mother's Day

May 9, 2012 6:04:52 PM

For Mother's Day Bionee is offering 15% off of any Bionee Gift Set with the code MOMMY. These sets are great presents for any kind of mommy - from soon to be mommies to grannies. 

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Taking Care of Your Skin While Pregnant

Apr 19, 2012 4:20:42 PM

A couple of weeks into my pregnancy my skin began to break out hard core and my face just looked tired. I felt like I was a teenager all over again. I kept using my same skin care products than before I got pregnant and I was washing my face more often but I wasn't seeing any results. I did not have the pregnancy glow that everyone said I would have. I quickly began to look for other options and spent hours researching what products to use that would improve my skin's appearance but were also pregnancy friendly. I was quickly introduced to Bionee's organic Purifying Facial Foam to wash my face and Revitalizing Face Cream. Just within a few days my skin cleared up and was finally looking and feeling like myself. The Purifying Facial Foam is made to restore the dull and tired complexion I was having and also to deep clean my skin. The Revitalizing Face Cream helps reduce signs of aging (something that was top of my list) but most importantly it helps to reduce signs of fatigue and energize tired skin. Both products are great for woman who's skin is acne prone during pregnancy. 

Friends, since I've been using these products my skin has totally cleared up and people are now commenting on my "glow" (yippee)! I highly recommend these products to any woman who is going through the same issues I was or who is even looking for a way to keep skin refreshed and toxin free!

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